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Three friends (Kristina Elena Amaya, Karla Jovel, Leslie Reyes) decide on a whim to drive the entirety of Southern California's longest street but end up learning more about their friendship than they expected.

"SEPULVEDA is a film of remarkable, touching intimacy. A modern-day road movie in which the road is only about 40 miles long, it presents a portrait of bonding and friendship through the smallest, most casual of details. I was mesmerized by the trio of terrific actresses at the center of the film, who never feel like they're giving performances: I genuinely felt like I was eavesdropping on real conversations."
-Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice

"Vibrating with authenticity, SEPULVEDA makes the viewer the fourth passenger in a WOC-led buddy road trip exploring not only Los Angeles geography and economics, but the dynamic anxiety of young adulthood at a crossroads. Culturally specific in ways not often seen on screen, the film's themes still manage to feel universal."
--Jennifer L. Pozner, Founder, Women In Media & News; Author, "Reality Bites Back"

Official Selection: 2016 Urbanworld Film Festival
WINNER: Special Achievement Award, 2016 Culver City Film Festival
WINNER: Best Ensemble Cast, 2017 Silicon Beach Film Festival

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