Feature Film


Synopsis: An existential urban road movie about three young women who decide to travel the entirety of L.A.'s longest street.

With: Kristina Amaya, Karla Jovel, and Leslie Reyes

Directors: Brandon Wilson and Jena English

Story: Brandon Wilson and Jena English

Dialogue: Kristina Amaya, Karla Jovel, and Leslie Reyes

Cinematography/camera: Jena English

Producers: Brandon Wilson and Jena English

Status: available for free streaming on Vimeo


“What About Jarynzi?”

Synopsis: A look at what goes on in the minds of middle-schoolers during a standardized test.

With: the Spring 2007 Film Class of Foshay Learning Center

Screenplay/Camera/Producer/Director/Editor: Brandon Wilson

Mini-DV, 12 min., color, 2007

Status: Watch Now

Feature Film

“The Man Who Couldn’t…”

Synopsis: A second-coming-of-age story about a struggling filmmaker/cinephile who falls for a webcam mistress and faces the challenges of having a relationship in front of the all-seeing eye of the World Wide Web.

With: Brandon Ford Green, Micah Marie, Mark Conley, Arthur Lee Walker, Jameelah McMillan, Nafeesa Monroe, Grigori, and Janelle Marie

Screenwriter/Executive Producer/Director: Brandon Wilson

Producers: Angela Burris and Jena English Wilson

Camera: Imogene Krumbhouse

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson (pseud. for Brandon Wilson)

24p DV, 95 min., color, 2005

Status: Completed; screened at the 2005 Pan African Film Festival; winner of the Oscar Micheaux Spirit Award at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, OK. Available on DVD for purchase on Amazon.


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“The Hystericist”

Synopsis: In a world that blends elements of the 19th and 20th centuries, a gynecologist is confronted by a patient with his role as an agent and enforcer of the patriarchal system.

With: Josh Welsh, Tracey Rooney, Hollace Starr, and Linda Shing

Screenwriter/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera/producer/editor: Winona Wacker

16mm, 15 min., color, 2001

Status: never completed…


“Alma’s Day”

Synopsis: Alma Upshaw’s February 29th birthday – which only happens once every four years- takes an unexpected turn.

With: Dahn Dior, Tawneya Charbonnet, Chilembwe Mason

Screenwriter/producer/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Winona Wacker

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson

Assistant Director: David Kobussen

DV, 11 min., color, 2000


“Benefactor: Scenes from an Arrangement”

Synopsis: A collection of images, music, and scenes tells the story of Hope Crowley, a kept woman who slowly realizes she may have more power in her relationship than she previously reckoned.

With: Zuleikha Robinson, Christopher Kriesa, Michael Petted

Screenwriter/producer/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Claire E. Skinner

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson (pseudonym for Brandon Wilson)

35mm, 28 min, color, 1999


“The Bettie Page”

Synopsis: After borrowing a  friend’s pager, a  young man’s late night trek to a diner becomes an adventure and a near miss with a beautiful young woman.

With: DeMorge L. Brown, Rosemarie Addeo

Screenwriter/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Producer: Karen Kirkland

Camera: Richard Castaniero

16mm, 25 min., color, 1996


“The Freeloader”

Synopsis: Josie Wright completes her first novel, but the response she gets from her friends teaches her more about herself than the work itself.

With: Angie Fullilove, Jamison Reeves, Andrew O. Thompson, Karen Kirkland and Vincent Jordan

Screenwriter/producer/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Cauleen Smith

16mm, 16 min., color, 1995

Status: Completed, and while it was only screened a few times, it’s still a movie I’m pleased with.


“The Moment You Realize You’re Not In Love Anymore”

Synopsis: see title

With: Daya Vaidya, Patrick Pieters

Screenwriter/producer/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Steve Straka

16mm, 2 min., color, 1994